Wednesday, 9 November 2011

FTA Protest 1


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Voice of People


0. When members of KoA started hunger strike (Oct. 24th) - Some did it for more than 20 days

1. Press Conference by KoA and politicans (Nov. 8th)

2-1. What happened at the National Assembly (Nov. 2nd)

2-2. Candleight Protest denunciating the discusssion of the deal at the competent committee of the National Assembly (Nov. 2nd)

3-1. Mass Protest - Crash with policemen (Nov. 3rd)

3-2. Candlelight Protest (Nov. 3rd)

4. Candlelight Protest (Nov. 5th)

5. What happened at the National Assembly (Oct 31st)

6. Leaders of opposition party at the street (Nov. 5th)

7-1. Press conference and Protest (Oct. 28th)

7-2. Mass Protest (Oct. 28th)

8. Candlelight protest (OCt. 27th)

9. Mass Protest (Oct. 6th)

10. Mass Protest (Dec. 28th 2010)

11. Protest at the National Assembly, at least 25 arrested (August 31st)

12. Pros and Cons Debate at the National Assembly held for 1,500 minutes (Oct. 20 to 24th)

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